Strangest and Coolest thing…

My good buddy, Stephen Forte, had a zany and brilliant idea (we are used to both from him, just not at the same time)!

The concept is that about 20 of us that do the book and speaker thing have offered up consulting time to be auctioned off on eBay with all proceeds going to Tsunami Relief.  I loved the idea and hope it works out to be a big success.

Rather than duplicate Stephen’s fine post I will just provide a link.  Help support it if you can or just spread the word.  Good cause!

MSDN Events Winter Schedule

MSDN puts on local events and it is that time again.  I just checked out the registration site and have decided to go to the Bedford, NH event this Thursday.  I have the added advantage that Joe Stagner runs these events in my area, but I know that other sections of the country also have stars like Russ Fustino involved so you should definitely check it out.

Test your Browser, then Secure it

If you use Internet Explorer then you should pay close attention to this…

An exploit to security holes in Internet Explorer (even if you have XP SP2 installed) has been posted by a group called GreyHats.  They are not happy that MS has not fixed the exploits since they were made known in October 2004 and figured they can increase the speed of a patch, but in the process I expect they will only succeed in screwing alot of innocents.

If you run with least privledge then life is much better for you then if you run as an administrator on your web surfing box.  Either way I suggest you vist the test page provided by Secunia and see the likely bad news.

If you are vulnerable, be careful where you go between now and when you install whatever patch comes out.