Membership Provider DB Install Scripts

At Code Camp 5 in Waltham this past Sunday I was delivering my session entitled “All you need to know about Membership”, when I learned that I didn’t know everything I need to know about membership.

Someone asked if the scripts were available that aspnet_regsql.exe uses to create the membership table.  My answer was that I hadn’t seen them so I assumed they were baked into the exe.  WRONG!  Our good buddy and fellow Code Camp presenter, Dan Krhla, pointed out that in the same directory that you find the aspnet_regsql.exe (namely C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727) you also find the scripts that the tool users including InstallMembership.sql.  There are a bunch of them and you have to install them in order (installcommon.sql first, etc.).  They offer some good insights and I have already spent a bit of time on them myself.

Thanks again Dan and I am happy that the question came up so I could learn something too.  This is why I really love the Code Camp.

VB6 on Vista

MS has committed, at some level, to support VB6 on Vista.  In an article from February there are some details, but we now know that if you have a VB6 application that you cannot live without, you will probably be OK for years to come.

This is both good news and bad news.  While I feel the pain of people who depend on these legacy tools for their products to work, I can’t help wincing when I see this because old tools support old techniques and technologies that are often just not up to the task of building secure applications.  Everything from cryptography to SQL Injection have evolved as have the tools to combat them.

If you are using / depending on VB6 then congratulations, but my advice is to get off of it (from a seasoned VB developer) unless you can really and truly convince yourself that it poses no weaknesses in security based on your use of it.  Eventually you will have to jump.