Creating Presentations

I recently did something I do quite often, namely created a series of PowerPoints for a presentation.  I try to use graphics where appropriate or more accurately, pictures consisting of drawn boxes with arrows and other lines.

I find that in some ways my presentations are better for lack of slick, overdone graphics, but I still cling to the bulleted points formula.  If someone other than me has to present the slides I don’t see much of a way out of this, but an article on the zen of presentations pointed out by my friend and tech idol Scott Hanselman really drives home the right way to think about this task.

If you ever have to create presentation or training slides and have any of the story teller in your blood then use the advice provided to focus on the story and not the points.  I will be working on this in the future (a little at a time perhaps).

5 thoughts on “Creating Presentations”

  1. Hey Pat, thanks for the link, looks very interesting. As someone who presents a lot too, this is definitely a topic that affects me. I must admit that when it comes to graphics, I have no time, patience and talent, so I usually just rip off Microsoft slides. Eh, I’m talking about their products anyways.

    I stick to my own bullet points though. I think the bullet points need to highlight the story. I just hate presenters who read their slides, bullet by bullet, and then add a little comment for each. The talk should be a long flowing speech where the bullet point material can be found in elements of the speech.

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