Erik Kurilla might be portrayed by Bruce Willis

In a personal topic post (which are fairly rare here I am proud to say) a while ago I reported that a classmate of mine from West Point, Erik Kurilla was wounded in Iraq and gave some details.  I had to post a follow up especially given the news that Erik may end up being portrayed by Bruce Willis in a planned movie about the unit that Erik commanded in the troubled town of Mosul.  The London times has further details and while it is still somewhat speculative, I personally think that this would be a very cool thing.

As a veteran of the first Gulf War back in 1991, I don’t as a rule watch movies about either the current war in Iraq or the one I fought in, but I will certainly make an exception if this comes to fruition.

While I wasn’t very close to Erik at school, I did know him well enough to know that he is a true leader and just the kind of guy you want in charge when things get tough.