Bluetooth needs a better implementation

I was browsing through the list of wireless vulnerabilities on the Wireless Vulnerabilities & Exploits site (our buddy Phil C pointed it out to me) and I was reminded why I always turn Bluetooth off on my devices or avoid them altogether.

Maybe it is just that “B” is so early on, but there do seem to be way too many exploits for this technology.  Granted someone has to often use a bluetooth gun or some sort, but that isn’t as far fetched and just adds to the randomness of the attack.

An improved vision of Bluetooth or it’s successor:
I want to see a version of Bluetooth or some replacement technology that does the same as far as functionality goes, but that has a metal contact on both device and accessory which must be placed together with physical contact in order to exchange public keys that they will then use along with unshared private keys inside the devices to make the communication not only authorized, but encryptable.  Why is this so hard?  This idea has been with me for well over a year and I just expected someone would implement it as Bluetooth 2 or something, but if it does in fact exist, I haven’t heard about it yet.