Where is the Sacrifice?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I am renewed in my frustration that the US government hasn’t called on the population to buckle down and conserve energy.  In light of the Hurricane relief effort it would be, “Save energy and put the money toward relief causes”.  During WWII the population was involved in the efforts of the nation at war by being asked to do everything from conserve fuel to collecting scrap metal.  Is the government so skiddish that they are afraid we will revolt over any show of “weakness”.  Troops overseas (I can say from personal experience) feel more supported when they know that the people back home are making sacrifices to help them accomplish their mission.  My voice may not be enough, but I would like to call on every American to do two things that I have already undertaken myself in the wake of a massive natural disaster which occurred while my country fights two wars (don’t tell me that it is over, I have friends over there).  The first is to give to the agencies that are aiding our countrymen in the gulf coast.  That is a no brainer I think, but it bears repeating as often as possible.  Second, bite the bullet and cut down on energy consumption beyond what the price at the pump would make you do already.  I am sick of us being held hostage to OPEC and having a huge trade imbalance that is made up almost entirely of foreign oil.  People who support our troops should put their comfort where their mouth is.  It is easy to show a flag or talk about support, but maybe ease the burden a bit by buying a fuel efficient car or skipping a trip when you can.

I seem to be writing more and more about politics and commentary on our state of affairs.  I will be sure to mark these posts as personal, but I am sick and tired of loud mouthed “Patriots” who drive the biggest gas guzzlers you could get.  Maybe they haven’t thought about it, maybe they are just exercising their rights.  My opinion is that they are selfish and being as unpatriotic as you can get.

End of Rant.

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