Cyber-Terrorism on the horizon

I just finished reading an upcoming article from Forbes Magazine (unfortunately you will have to register to read it before the September 20th pub date) about the belief that terrorists are turning to hacking as their next major vehicle to do damage.

In the article they point out things like, “The FBI says the cyberterrorism threat to the U.S. is “rapidly expanding.” “Terrorist groups have shown a clear interest in developing basic hacking tools, and the FBI predicts that terrorist groups will either develop or hire hackers,” Keith Lourdeau, an FBI deputy assistant director, told the U.S. Senate earlier this year.”

The article also mentions a company that I have had dealings with in my consultant travels.  Invensys makes valves and regulators and such.  Exactly the kind of equipment that a bad guy would want to manipulate.

Scary, but maybe I’m not too old to get back in the service after all…

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