ASPNET_WP.exe, .Net 1.0 and a Domain Controller…

Jeopardy Answer:  What are 3 things that don’t go together easily!

If you feel the need to host ASP.Net on a windows domain controller and can’t bring yourself to upgrade to version 1.1 then at least read this KB article. The crux of the problem is that domain controllers on IIS 5.0 servers (i.e. on Windows 2000) don’t have local accounts for the ASPNet_WP.exe process to run under.  You have to create your own weak account or assign more privileged accounts (bad idea).

I heard as recently as tonight about someone fighting this issue (it is always tough when the solutions are all security tradeoffs to some extent), but reportedly with .Net 1.1 (we are verifying).  As a rule I don’t put ASP.Net apps on domain controllers, maybe that is just a rule we should all accept if we don’t like the other options presented?