WSE 1.0 Revisited

More than a year ago, I spent a day or two wading through WSE 1.0 (hence the title) to prepare a nice demo for a talk on GXA that Andrew Brust and I did at CeBit held in NYC.  In my travels, I reviewed Tim Ewald’s white paper called “Programming with Web Services Enhancements 1.0” and soon thereafter I found a wonderful resource courtesy of Dan Wahlin at  Dan has put together a streaming demo that I classify as the moral equivelent of a WSE Hello World (I mean that in a good way in case you miss my meaning).  I consider Don Box’s “Understanding GXA” the primer that the above resources really compliment if you want to know from a developer’s perspective what the deal is with WSE.  

I often get asked how a developer can go about getting security savvy.  Understanding the concepts of WSE is an important stop along the way.

I haven’t seen a valid link to “Understanding GXA” lately.  You will have to settle for the latest found at