Browser Competition 2.0?

With the recent announcement from Microsoft that they will adopt Chromium for future development of their Edge browser, I think things are going to get interesting and not in the usual bad way that usually means. Here is a link to the post by Joe Belfiore for reference.

In decades past we have seen Microsoft specifically do much better at delivering great experiences for users when they had competent competition either nipping at their heels or eating their lunch. I always hated the periods where they were totally dominant in a space like web browsers because they succumbed to the human habit of resting on their laurels. Nowadays, I think things are different. As Joe points out in his blog post, Microsoft has embraced Open Source in a big way. That means that all the major browser makers are Open Source believers and supporters, something that has not been the case before. If Google and Microsoft are both pushing toward better quality in Chromium then I think it paves the way for real progress that may not stall the way commercial progress has in the past. Of course Microsoft and Google still each want to have their browser dominate in market share, but this move means they can collaborate on the rending side for everyone’s benefit and work on other aspects of the experience to sway users to their browser.

I am hope I am right about this and you should be too.