New games all the time, this one is Blog Tag.  Don Sorcinelli tagged me via his blog and so now I am to write a blog entry that reveals things about me that you wouldn’t be likely to know and then tag others.  I will do the first part to the letter, but will only tag a single individual instead of five.

Here goes:

 – I was a pacifist until the age of 9.  After that I went rabid and couldn’t be confused for a pacifist by anyone who has met me since.
 – My nickname in High School was “NATO”.  Even my teachers called me that.
 – I was an avid fan of Battlestar Galactica and still have my trading cards.  I just can’t get into the new series, but I have watched it and it is good, but the Cylons should be obviously mechanical.
 – I still don’t watch war movies set in the Gulf.  Tried, doesn’t work well.
 – My mother was a Roman Catholic Nun for 2 years before she decided it wasn’t the life for her and left.  Moral of the story is that I was brought up very Catholic.
 – I served as an altar boy for over 3 years.  Father Foley was the kind of priest from the movies in the 50s, not from movies to come.
 – I drank at least a 6 pack of Coke everyday until later in 1991 when I quit cold turkey.
 – I like most music except Jazz.  I prefer Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, The Eagles, Charlie Danials and Pink Floyd (varied to say the least).
 – I watch MASH whenever it is on and I am home.

I have more, but you will have to buy me a drink (Ice Water) to hear it ;)

I tag Duane Laflotte.  He has now been tagged by both me and Don.

One thought on “Tagged”

  1. Great that someone got you right away! Many always wanted to know more about you you know ;)
    BTW, I’m frequent reader of your blog. Yeah, not only now cause MDC is close or such.
    I swear it’s just…, Well, you know.., I don’t know how to unoffecially communicate through email.

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