New games all the time, this one is Blog Tag.  Don Sorcinelli tagged me via his blog and so now I am to write a blog entry that reveals things about me that you wouldn’t be likely to know and then tag others.  I will do the first part to the letter, but will only tag a single individual instead of five.

Here goes:

 – I was a pacifist until the age of 9.  After that I went rabid and couldn’t be confused for a pacifist by anyone who has met me since.
 – My nickname in High School was “NATO”.  Even my teachers called me that.
 – I was an avid fan of Battlestar Galactica and still have my trading cards.  I just can’t get into the new series, but I have watched it and it is good, but the Cylons should be obviously mechanical.
 – I still don’t watch war movies set in the Gulf.  Tried, doesn’t work well.
 – My mother was a Roman Catholic Nun for 2 years before she decided it wasn’t the life for her and left.  Moral of the story is that I was brought up very Catholic.
 – I served as an altar boy for over 3 years.  Father Foley was the kind of priest from the movies in the 50s, not from movies to come.
 – I drank at least a 6 pack of Coke everyday until later in 1991 when I quit cold turkey.
 – I like most music except Jazz.  I prefer Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, The Eagles, Charlie Danials and Pink Floyd (varied to say the least).
 – I watch MASH whenever it is on and I am home.

I have more, but you will have to buy me a drink (Ice Water) to hear it ;)

I tag Duane Laflotte.  He has now been tagged by both me and Don.

7 thoughts on “Tagged”

  1. Great that someone got you right away! Many always wanted to know more about you you know ;)
    BTW, I’m frequent reader of your blog. Yeah, not only now cause MDC is close or such.
    I swear it’s just…, Well, you know.., I don’t know how to unoffecially communicate through email.

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