# Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Life changes pretty fast sometimes when you aren't watching. I woke up today and realized that much more of my work is involved in keeping projects on the straight and narrow and much less is spent making database fields show up in the right place and with the right user access set. For that reason I am changing gears and will leave most of the technical details of our projects to Duane Laflotte. He does it better on his blog anyways... That having been said you can expect me to pick up the blogging pen again, but this time I plan to write about management of technical projects including things like sales, process engineering, fixed bid proposal generation and the other things that I wish five or ten years ago I had found a blog to read. I also will likely talk alot about commercial vs. business programming and the impact of new technologies on a technical consulting practice. If this makes some of those that followed my blog leave then I am sorry, but I do think that this blog will be better for the change (at least now I will feel like I can vent here a bit). See you soon.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 3:02:16 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)  #    Comments [17]  | 
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