Code Camp 4

In New England we are holding our fourth Code Camp in late September (24th and 25th) in the Waltham, MA offices of Microsoft.  This is where it all began and the fourth will likely be bigger than those before it.

I wanted to not only remind people of the date, but also tell about a special meeting that will help us deliver better and better community content by fostering the develop of our technical speakers.  The local (and newly formed) MCT User Goup is focusing their meetings on helping sharpen technical presentation skills and their September 1st meeting (6:00 PM I think in the Waltham MS Office) is dedicated to what can only be called a Code Camp speaker casting call.  We are hoping to educated and recruit the next generation of Code Camp presenters and establish a best practice of actually caring about the quality of local technical presentations.

Hope to see you there if you are interested in being a technical presenter, are already a technical presenter or just like / are good at heckling technical presenters!

8 thoughts on “Code Camp 4”

  1. High Patrick,

    Well, I am Ahmed Bahaa from Egypt. I contributed in most of Microsoft Events Since 2002 (.NET Launch, MDC2004,MDC2005, and Finally i am the Guy chosen to deliver the Whidbey TTT)
    I Have not only experiense in delivering technological presentations but also as a university lecturer i have experiense
    in delivering academic presentations.
    I am really very interrested in your CAMP but the time of the camp is the same time of the TTT Whidbey that i has to deliver multiple consecutive times :( so; do you have any idea to get connect by another way ? !

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