C Sharp Group of Greater Boston Event

On December 7th the C Sharp Group of Greater Boston will host a potluck dinner with two focused discussion groups at the Waltham, MA Microsoft Office.


Robert Hurlbut will lead the discussion on development strategies during the first hour. This topic includes test driven development, developing as non admin, use of virtual machines, etc. Robert is an excellent speaker and very knowledgable about this and related topics!


Then during dinner, Nabil Benchkroun will lead a discussion on ASP.NET tips tricks and traps. Nabil is a regular attendee and contributor to our group and has considerable real world experience with ASP.NET.


Both will be more discussions than presentations so bring your questions, or your answers, and share with us all. If you want to eat then please bring as much food as you want to eat yourself, and a food item for each dessert, or else it will be our holiday dessert event. Diversity in food will be considered a plus!


Make sure you get there if you can!