Clusters without LM Hash

A common bit of advice bandied about lately (by Jesper Johansson of MS, me, and others in and out of MS) is to turn off LM Hashes on your Windows systems and networks.  This is great advice, but there is a proviso.  Some things depend on LM Hashes to work.  Most of them are not an issue, like the fact that Windows 95 and Windows 98 shares stop working.  I don’t recommend using Windows 95/98 as file servers anyways.  The problem is that Windows Clustering stops working.  This is a big one.  I realized recently that the knowledge base article that describes how to deal with this small wrinkle got “archived” by MS and was therefore unavailable.  I did some digging and as of today the article has been reinstated due to my prodding.

So, this post is to welcome KB article 828861 back to the land of the living and to make sure everyone knows how to find it for reference.  The advice in it is quite straight forward, but it always helps to point bosses or clients to words written by the platform vendor.

Happy LM Hash Free Clustering!