Don Kiely has something to say

I am listening to the Don Kiely interview on Dot Net Rocks and thought that it was worth pointing the security minded toward.  I have known Don for a while from conferences out and about, but hadn’t realized how much he has delved into the Least Priviledge issue until listening to Carl and Rory discuss it with him on the show.

Also highlighted was Ted Neward’s article on least priviledge located on theServerSide.Net which though short has spawned some comments that show the mood on the subject.

Even if you don’t take the advice at least know the issue.

2 thoughts on “Don Kiely has something to say”

  1. I did hear that Dan! Seems we are actually getting the word out on techniques that turn the tables on the hackers (like Duane)!

    See you at Cabana I hope.


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