Big boost for ASP.Net scalability

StrangeLoop has finally announced their AppScaler device!

Richard Campbell told me about his involvement in StrangeLoop a while ago and I have been dying to tell people about it, but until now it has been confidential.

Basically the AppScaler takes a web farms major headaches and lifts them into the loadbalancer and out of the way of your developers.  It really is a cool strategy because it gives sites real performance gains over hosting Session State on a state server or in a database along with a whole host of other performance enhancing and bandwidth saving features.

Check out the recent article at about it.

10 thoughts on “Big boost for ASP.Net scalability”

  1. Partick this is very cool- I checked out strangeloop web site- I have been waiting for a product like this. These guys are one to something- This product has the potential to change how we develop and deploy ASP.NET sites- imagine not spending half our dev guys time optomizing and scaling- very interesting.

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