Disabling Vista’s UAC feature

As Vista nears launch there are some things you will want to know.  Will it support your hardware?  Where are the secret buttons that make it usable?

Today’s post helps answer that second one.

By all reports UAC (User Account Control) can drive even the most security minded user insane with death of a thousand dialogs.

While I don’t recommend just shutting off any feature that is designed to increase security in the OS (as UAC is), still we have to get work done and it might help you navigate so that you can reenable it once your system is as you like it.

Having said that, Steven Smith of ASPAlliance.com pointed me at this article that shows several ways to shut UAC off.

3 thoughts on “Disabling Vista’s UAC feature”

  1. Death of a thousand dialogs?

    Can you clarify? So far my vista experience has been pretty seamless. The dialogs seem to be coming up only when I’m installing software- exactly when I’d expect a dialog box. I can’t describe this particular part of the user experience of Vista as unusable.

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