Egypt Developers Conference (EDC)

I have finally confirmed the final dates for the Egypt Developers Conference which is held every year in Cairo. This year it is in Mid April and again I will be speaking. I really look forward to this event and for a short time I was afraid that the dates would move to a week where I couldn’t attend, but I now know that this is not the case.
This week I have to solidify which sessions I will present and am thinking about doing a session on commercial software development (as opposed to business software development) on the new Software Architects track.
Last year I made the mistake of re-presenting session from previous years at the request of some very well intentioned people who were running the show, but I will not make that same mistake again.

See you in Cairo!

72 thoughts on “Egypt Developers Conference (EDC)”

  1. That’s great, I’ll be in Egypt on that time and it’ll be a good chance to meet you again :)

    I see that you’ll be talking about a session in SQL Server, I don’t know whether it’s Katmai or Yukon, but in both cases I’ll make sure to be there :)

    Mohamed Meshref

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