My .Net Rocks Show on Why Project Fail

My favorite interviewers Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell invited me to appear again on .Net Rocks recently. We talked at length about the circumstances that we often see that cause technical projects in particular to fail.

Initial feedback has been quite positive so if you happen to listen to it I hope you like it as well.
This particular episode is found here

9 thoughts on “My .Net Rocks Show on Why Project Fail”

  1. I just heard the show, and I really liked it, as it gave a proper structure to what I have always believed in as a project manager and I will be listening to it again..very soon I guess..great work..and keep it up.


  2. I am very glad you liked it! It is always great to talk to Carl and Richard. I myself am just catching up on some shows and found the one with Ted Neward very interesting.


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